CCTV Installer Cornwall

Andrew Davy Electrical (SW) Ltd can also provide CCTV installations to protect your home or work premises.

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television has a vital role in securing your home or property,firstly by having CCTV installed,it significantly reduces crime by acting as a deterrent but should an incident occur, the system will record the footage for you to playback and then can be provided to the police for evidence needed for prosecution.


CCTV Cornwall

CCTV Cornwall


Frequently asked questions


How many cameras do I need?

Every installation is different and we can design the installation to suit your requirements. The CCTV system can be as small as 1 camera if required or can be as big as a whole hotel or school.


Are the cameras wireless?

The cameras are usually hard wired, however it is possible to install wireless technology to areas that are difficult to get cable access. All cameras will require power, so none are completely wireless. We have many years of experience in installing cables under floors, in roof spaces, underground, etc. We aim to hide as much of the cabling as possible with the least amount of mess and upheaval.


Are all cameras the same?

No, there are many types of CCTV camera available, each camera has a different purpose or function that may make it more suitable than another. There are many CCTV kits available online and from local retailers, however it is impossible to supply an “all in one box solution” to suit every camera position. We can arrange a time to suit you and survey the property to come up with a design and quotation based on your requirements.


Can the cameras record at night?

Yes, most of the cameras have infrared (IR) to achieve good night time recording. Each camera has a different distance range for the infrared and we would specify the camera accordingly. Infrared footage has greatly improved over the years and so has the distance range, there are cameras available with an IR range of over 500 meters.

Can I view my system from my phone or at work?

As long as you have an internet connection,we can install your CCTV system to enable remote viewing. This can be viewed on almost all smartphones and tablets or from a computer anywhere in the world,so you can even keep an eye on everything whilst on holiday. You can also set up alerts to email you of certain events.

How do I arrange for a survey?

Contact us now to arrange for a survey, we are a local, friendly company and we are more than happy to talk about the different options available, we can also arrange for a demonstration of the system.

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